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Must Plan Before Trip China

All of its major museums host a wide display that shows the true essence of Chinese history such as traditional Chinese handicrafts, cooking lessons, pottery making, Chinese painting and calligraphy, silk making and production, and many more! When it comes to historical architecture, aside from the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, you should also visit the life-size Terra-Cotta warriors. China Hiking and Trekking Travel Whether you want to have a glimpse on wondrous mountains in China or you are a mountain climber, the road to foot of Mount Everest will be give you immense fun and enjoyment. Along the road, you will witness the historical Potala Palace along with the local Tibetan temples. Craving for some hiking tour? Now brace yourself to have an extraordinary adventure while taking the long and holy roads to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Just be sure to prepare your cameras to capture breathtaking sceneries along the way. China Tours for Expats You are seeking a peaceful vacation or you want to immerse yourself in busy cities of China? A professional China travel agency will have a specific tour for your specific needs. If you want a summer getaway vacation, a trip from Beijing to Dalian is suggested to you. Dalian will welcome its foreign visitors as well as local Chinese tourists with its mild climate and astounding beaches. If you are craving for some blue sea, green trees, and a bright sky that is not too far away from major cities, you should pay a visit to Qingdao by China flights.