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Information of Packing Light

At first glance the bag was very big and I mentally prepared myself to lift it, but to my surprise it was SOO light!

What in the world??

So of course, because this is what I do for a living, I asked her what type of bag it was…she said it’s called “The Worlds Lightest Luggage” – and that is the perfect name for it.

She was telling me that it is so light and has so much room, it is the best piece of luggage she ever owned and tells everyone about it, and she said she bought it online! She especially loved it because she is not known for packing light for travel, so this helped her so she didn’t have to pay overweight fees to the airlines.

Why is having a light suitcase so important?

• Airlines are charging extra money if your luggage is overweight. The standard weight is 50 pounds per suitcase. If you are over 50 pounds you have to pay more. Now if you suitcase is already heavy, that means you cannot even pack a lot without it being overweight.

• It is just physically easier to carry. The lighter your luggage is, the easier it is to carry, plain and simple.

• You can pack more stuff! The less that your actual suitcase weighs, the more you can carry with you.

The World’s Lightest Suitcase

When I got home, I immediately went to look it up online and found it on my favorite online luggage store. There were a bunch of different colors, black, red and animal stripes (fun!)

When you are looking to buy a suitcase, or even a suitcase set, make sure you keep in mind your intentions of packing light for travel, not just fashion or sales.

You should also look at the warranty on the suitcase set that you are purchasing to ensure that they have a standard warranty if for any reason something may happen to your luggage, like a zipper breaking or a handle breaking, at least you know you are covered.