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Perfect Tour Ancient China

Maybe a kind of perfect travel to China will give you a new impression on this new country and its people. I have many foreign friends who have strong interests in this old ancient country. They came to have a special tour to rediscover it with my guides and they all thought it is deserve to come overseas. With the 5-thousands-year history, 96 billion squares and 56 different nationalities, China has plenty of attractions for you to explore. There are many historical sites like the Great Wall in Beijing, Terror Cotta Warriors Army in Qin Dynasty and the Ming tomb and so on. As the development of the world society, there are also some modern wonders now, such as the 2008 Olympic village and some tall buildings. But I think the traditions best. Tour in Beijing will make you discover a lot about the tradition and modernism. You can spend several leisure and relaxed days there.

Although there are so many choices for you to visit in China, I think you should have a travel route first of all. A perfect travel route will help you rediscover China easily and perfectly and not let some cities go. In fact, travel directions you need are easy to get. You can choose to follow some reliable travel agency to have a journey in China. For some young guys who love DIY tours, they can customize they routes by themselves in some special travel agency like shanghaifocus dot com where you can make your own travel route and guided by the friendly tour conductor. Their service are really sweet and kind-hearted. The tour conductors can both speak English and Chinese. After that you will absolutely have one perfect journey in China. Some traditional cities like Beijing, Shanxi and Jiangsu provinces are perfect for your leisure and cozy journey, while some modern cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong will give you another look.