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Some Steps Travelling with Kids

Plan your trip and book in advance: You need to keep in mind that you cannot simply pack your bags and hop into your car or on the next flight, planning to wing it when you get there. There is little worse than arriving at your destination and having to tug your children along from hotel to hotel because there are no available rooms. Therefore, planning your trip thoroughly is your best friend when it comes to travelling with kids. When booking, ask your accommodation provider if there are any special deals available which give you discounted rates for staying in a family room. There are even some deals websites that will give you package deals relating to not only accommodation, but activities and sometimes transport too.

The added extras: Another thing to consider when doing your planning and booking is to find out about meals and child-minders. If you have to pay an extra fee for inclusive meals, then it can be a good idea to skip this if your children do not eat large portions at mealtimes. Child-minders can come in handy if you wish to enjoy a romantic meal with your partner, attend an evening show or do something else that is not child-friendly.

Medication: Before you embark on your kid-friendly adventure, ensure that you find out what the health risks associated with your intended destination are. For example, you may be entering a malaria-area, or a place that is privy to stomach bugs. Talk to your doctor two months before you travel, to ensure that you and your kids are protected and vaccinated against any potential illnesses that may befall you. In addition to this, pack your children’s trusted painkiller syrups, anti-histamines and perhaps a cough and flu syrup, and any familiar medication with which to soothe them. ยน

Child monitors and safety: If your children are very young, and especially if they have begun to walk, it is a good idea to invest in a child monitor. Most of these monitors will be worn as a wristband on your child, of which you will hold the receiver. If the wristband moves out of your radar or gets removed, an alarm will sound. Furthermore, if your children are older, you need to instruct them on the safety rules of your intended destination.

Pack wisely: Ensure that you have enough changes of clothes for your kids, and that you carry washing detergent on you to clean any clothes. This means that your little ones will always be dressed in clean items but you will not have to over-pack.